For those of you that know me know I like to do my fair share for charity to give back to the world. Personally I believe to be happy and content within ourselves we need to have all the different areas of our life in check.

Let me give you an analogy. Our lives are like the spokes of a bicycle.

If you got all of the spokes of a bicycle wheel intact, that wheel will go really fast but if you got some spokes missing, that wheel will still move but it will not go that fast. You also got to have different areas of your life in balance. So it’s a mixture of doing everything in moderation yet being content. Those different areas in your life will be different for everyone but for me, its charity, money, relationships, personal growth and health and fitness. So if you could have all of those areas on top form, like let’s just say 8 out of 10, then your life will be on top form and running smoothly.

So when I do things for charity to give back I feel good, as it helps me feel complete. So many of us including myself at times do not appreciate the basic things we have in our lives, like free NHS in our country, good health and having clean water. It’s only when we are ill or have a loved one suffering in some way, that we realize we take so much for granted and should show more gratitude for what we have.

My Charity Work


Fed 300 homeless people in the streets of central London. Trafalgar Square


My craziest challenged as of yet. The “fit to fat to fit challenge” To help raise money and awareness for “Crisis” (Homeless Charity)


Completed 1,000 reps of exercise to help raise over £1,100 for Binti.


Donating all my old clothes and clothes from family members to homeless shelters


Cycled 360 miles from London to Paris for water aid and raised £1,600


Giving food to homeless people on the streets of east London.


Fundraising event for the Japan tsunami.



10,000 foot sky dive for the MS society and raised £1,200