our Testimonies


The following photos below are just some of my clients who have transformed their physique/figure over just 4 weeks, (taking on the 4 week challenge) training just 3 times per week with me and following a healthy eating plan


Ok i really don’t know where to start. Gabar is the best thing that has ever happened to me. After having a baby i thought i would never lose my baby fat again. I got very depressed, lost my confidence and stopped going out. I met with Gabar for a chat as he also trains a friend of mine. Gabar blew me away with his inspirational talk. After just 2 minutes with him i just knew i would say yes to everything because he just knows his thing. I trained with Gabar on and off for 8 month, 2/3 x per week and he made it very enjoyable for me each and every time. I now have a flat stomach and he also helped me get some lovely curves too. Gabar i am very great full to you for putting me on this right path.

Tisha Khera

I heard about Gabar and his training through one of my customers, as he was reading a magazine Gabar was published in for his amazing body transformations. The magazine was called Khush magazine. I contacted Gabar, he swiftly arranged a free consultation for me and we started training shortly after. I was amazed in what Gabar has done with me. in just 4 weeks, I lost a noticeable amount of fat from my whole body, mainly my tummy area. Gabar has made me so much fitter than i ever was and also more motivated then i ever have been. I would be lying if i said i look forward to seeing him, as he does push me hard but i get great results so shouldn’t complain. Thanks mate “

Director of bridal clothing shop

Shan Chadha

I have been out of training for a couple of years prior to meeting with Gabar. He told me he would take it easy on me for the first few sessions until i got use to exercising again, which he did. He then slowly progressed the exercises and made them more challenging for me. There was times were i wanted to give up but Gabar pushed me to train hard and he has now not only changed the way I look and feel but he has brought my confidence and my smile back. Gabar im so happy you have come into my life. thank you


Dimple Varia

” Hi my name is Sapna and I have been training with Gabar on and off for almost 6 months now. Gabar is an amazing personal training. He knows how to train me just to pin point and target my areas of problem. I have had a problem with my lower stomach and my hips and have tried training with a trainer before and even done crazy strict diets, only to put the weight back on again. Nothing even compared to what results I got with Gabar. He is very professional at his job, yet still makes me laugh and keeps my training enjoyable. Thank you Gabar.”



” Well what can I say about Gabar, as just like his training, actions speak louder than words. I started to train with Gabar two years ago as i was desperate to start with him again and lose some weight and fit into a dress for my Christmas party. The difficulty was the sheer lack of time (ONLY 4 WEEKS) and the reality of actually fitting into that dress. However, with Gabar’s amazing strict training program and nutritional plan, what seemed the impossible he turned into being possible. Yes the dress fit! Not only did it slip on but I also had extra room. Not only did Gabar help me lose weight but he also taught me a new way of living which was a complete lifestyle change. My fitness levels reached a point where I never knew I could get to. It wasn’t easy and at times I was absolutely shattered! My body ached and i felt like giving up but with Gabar’s help and support he helped me push through and reach my fitness goal. He’s not merely a trainer a trainer but a good friend who is always willing to go that extra mile to help. In fact talking about miles I use to travel 1 hour to the gym, just to see him because of his amazing training skills. He is a great inspiration and motivator! Oh and a kick arse trainer. Kiran x “

Senior Legal Associate

Kiran Ganja

” I trained with Gabar for about 12 weeks. I had reached a plateau in my own training and therefore needed to ne pushed beyond my limits and at the same time learn new techniques to shock the body. Also training with someone ensures that you can not just stop when you are tired and this is what I needed. Gabar pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of and I found that I could do certain things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. My mind got smarter and I leant ways to be smarter in training. Also after just one day a week for 12 weeks, I found that my core (which was the area that I needed to work on the most compared to the rest of my body) had got a lot stronger and smaller. I felt more confident although i dreaded my early morning sessions with him. Lol. Gabar is a great PT, extremely professional, committed to his clients and gives a damn to what you want to achieve. “


Karen Sharma

” I am sure i can put into words how brilliant Gabar is and just how much he has done for me. I have trained with Gabar for 6 months but on and off due to family commitments and he has made a big difference to how I look and feel. He has not only trained and condirtioned my body, he has also trained and conditioned my mind. He is very unique and is an inspirational PT. He is funny, motivating and kind. Gabar is so much more than my personal trainer. He is now also my good friend and i can not recommend him enough. “

Tahir Rahman

” I don’t even know where to start. Gabar is an amazing PT. He’s very inspiring, motivating and he’s funny too. My fitness goal was to lose weight and he helped me achieve exactly that. He made all my sessions enjoyable, even doing the exercises I hate. (burpee jumps) Gabar is a very bubbly person which reflects through his personality, very easy to work with and listen to but more than anything, he knows his stuff. Thank you Gabar. ” Oh and I achieved this in just 4 week :-))

NHS Worker

Kiren Bhardwaj.

” Gabar, I wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me transform my health in just 4 short weeks.

I not only look different but I feel healthy inside and stronger & balanced too.

As a kid I was always both short and skinny and was called names like Titch and my brothers use to tease me saying that I reminded them of the skinny starving kids from Ethiopia.

As funny as this may sound now, however as I child I took this to heart and was “scarred” by it .

Even to this day as a 47 year old adult even though I’m not skinny any more I still think I am, but now thanks to you that’s all changed.

I spent years in my young adult life- teens and early twenties taking weight gains, protein shakes & going to the gym and training with very poor results. In fact it actually put me off going to the gym as I never saw the results.

I hadn’t seriously been to the gym for over 20 years until I started with you 4 weeks ago.

I’ve learned in life that “success leaves clues” and to be successful in any area of life whether it be health, money, relationships, personal growth or giving back that if you copy the habits of someone who is successful in those areas then you will be too.

I’ve applied that formula in all areas of my life over the last 15-20 years and as a result have a truly amazing magical life apart from physical exercise.

That’s why I knew before I took any physical exercise on, that if I’m going to train I need to learn from the best-someone that had a proven track record and was congruent i.e. followed their talk and that was you!

Now I actually feel “complete “as I know I’m working on ALL areas of my life and feel balanced and happy too.

I have 2 young kids who are 6 and 8yrs and the thought that when my boy is 15-20 yrs old that I will be 60+ use to concern me.

However i now know that I will be totally fit and continually training and be able to do all the things that boys want to do with their dads- this really really lights me up.

To be honest I’m actually shocked at how my body’s transformed after only 12 sessions with you -over 4 weeks & I have followed your strict diet plan to about 90% efficiency too.

As a result I’ve decided to continue my training with you.

I know that left to my own devices not only would I not train as regularly but I would never ever push myself beyond my limits as you push me and boy do you push me!

I remember after the first 2 sessions thinking this is impossible as id never in my life been pushed like this before -the dizzy spells, the feeling of wanting to vomit and all I could hear in my head was your words ” your strong, this is normal, your body is outside its comfort zone!

Initially I wasn’t enjoying the sessions as it really was pushing me beyond my physical comfort zone -but you know what , I really enjoy and look forward to them now.

Also as I’ve got to know you Gabar, I’ve also learned that your a good man with a good heart and a fire in your belly that’s itching to transform and take ALL areas of your life to the next level too.
So I look forward to our continued partnership in helping each other grow “

Property Developer

Harinder Paul

” Hi I’m Bhav, I have spent 8 months training with Gabar it was the best decision of my life to start training again and I couldn’t have picked a better PT. First Gabar is very fast in working out how fit and strong you are. From the very start he tailored my programs so I would just about manage to do what was asked of me. I wasn’t happy with my beer belly, so gave it my all and I ended up very happy with my results, even losing my man boobs too. Very highly recommended.”

Off licence Owner

Bhavesh Patel

” Gabar Singh is a lovely young boy. He pushed me and made my training difficult but it got harder progressively and he knew what he was doing all along. I live in Dubai and was just visiting some of my family in London for 6 weeks. My niece referred me to Gabar as I have a weight problem and I’m so happy she did. I trained with Gabar for 4 weeks and it was hard but was worth it. Gabar is not only a personal trainer, he is a lovable guy, very friendly and always smiling and joking. When I come back down to London, I will defiantly be training with him again.”

Property developer

Mr Khan

It’s amazing how Gabar Singh my personal trainer has showed how to improve my attitude towards exercise and healthy eating.

My husband introduced me to Gabar in January 2016 and told me he is the best personal trainer for losing weight and you will get great results with him. I stopped and started due to my work and having two young children but staying with him consistently for a short while (just 12 weeks) whilst being strict I lost 2 stones and it completely changed my perception of life. Gabar is not your normal personal trainer, he makes training fun, even at his own expense. Hes very inspiring to say the least.He has a wicked personality which makes my training with him fun and interesting, not boring at all. Lastly i will say, Gabar is full of energy and spirit which is so uplifting and that’s another reason why i still train with him today. “

Sheila Shah

” Training with Gabar was really exciting and challenging. He pushed you to limits that you wouldn’t think were possible. Within the first couple of weeks I felt like a different person, had so much more energy and a better attitude too. Every session is different and each time more rewarding. Gabar is very inspring, motivating and supportive and was great to have been trained by him. I got the results I wanted and just in 4 weeks too. If my financial situation was better, I would definitely have stayed on. “


Taran Singh

” As a working mum, one of the hardest things to find was time and energy for myself. I could always find an excuse for why I was too tired or busy to work out for an hour. I got fed up of looking the way I was and I just wanted to change. I called Gabs and told him how lazy I was and I needed someone to kick me up the backside. He asked me what my aim was, which was to lose 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks. Sounded crazy at first but Gabar did his thing with me and I was not disappointed . Gabs was supportive of my (kids) schedules and did not go lightly. He changed things up so i didn’t get bored and pushed me to my absolute limits. I would be screaming in agony saying i couldn’t do anymore and he proved that I could. As promised i lost those two dress sizes and 10 kilo’s in weight too. I loved working with Gabs and I’m grateful for what he’s taught me about exercise, eating well and myself. “

Youth worker

Saddaf Kayani Harris

“I am loving the amazing boxing sessions with Gabar, even the kicks on the pads too, I have never really been a puncher or kicker at that matter but his training has got me a lot stronger, faster as well and more toned. I have to say for me anyway Gabar speciality training is fat loss as he definitely helps me lose weight fast. He is a real motivator, excellent trainer and general all round nice guy. I recommend everyone to give the boxing a go. I must say, honestly I thought I would be training with Gabar for just a short while my regular trainer was away but dam was I mistaken. My previous trainer was nothing like Gabar, didn’t push me as much and never helped me with my diet as much as Gabar. I use to call Gabar and message him regularly to ask if particular foods were good or bad or what I should be taking for general supplements, I still do now but not as much and found he always went out of his way every time I ask for his help. He is a genuine person, down to earth, very considerate but most of all, he always put his clients first. If your like me and you don’t have the motivation to train and you want results fast that will last through hard work, you need Gabar. I would recommend him to anyone. “



“I have been training with Gabar for just 8 weeks now and i have done extremely well for myself. Gabar has set me a hard target goal for 6 months and i have hit my target weight for the second month already and this is just week 4. Seriously i really don’t know where i would be right now if i didn’t use Gabar. I am very self conscious and lost my self esteem at one point but in a short period of time, Gabar has put a smile back on my face. I would happily recommend Gabar’s services to anyone who is serious about getting in shape. Personally i don’t like cardio but the way Gabar trains me is just great, he gives me a variety of exercises with slow and fast burst of which keep me on my toes. In a weird way, yes i do enjoy the cardio now but mainly because it works for me. Thanks again Gabar. “


Rubeka Bowen

” I met Gabar some years ago at a wedding, we got chatting and remember he always spoke about the gym and telling me how important it is to look after yourself. I have always trained myself but easily lose motivation and found that my training was repetitive and boring. I needed some motivation and someone to help me push my body to its next level. Working as a DJ its important to look good and be in shape as your always dealing with direct members of the public and want to feel good as well as look good too. Well for starters, I was out of shape and wanted to sort myself out fast, I was referred over to Gabar by a friend who still trains with Gabar now. I hired Gabar to be my personal trainer and within 2 weeks I saw my weight start to shed. With Gabars sessions I could see my body once again reach up to a much better level. I felt fitter, looked a lot firmer and started to get a lot of compliments Thanks Gabar, I would def recommend Gabar to all my friends and family. Defo a 5 Star trainer. “


Steven Chohan

” I have been training on and off for a few years. I have recently started training again after a long period off. I met Gabar in my local gym where I first saw him pounding the boxing bag, I thought he was having a bad day and letting off steam until I saw him more often. This guy is full of energy and excitement. he’s a great person to talk to and very knowledgeable in the gym field. I decided to hire him for 1-2-1 sessions. Gabar has been working on my fitness levels and also fat loss training. His sessions are always hard I must say but somehow always fun at the same time. He always works me to my best regardless of me having a good or bad day. Since having Gabar as my new PT – I have a direction in where I want to go with my figure now and I understand so much more about training and fitness. I would go as far as saying he the best trainer I have hired to date. Highly recommended. Oh and one more thing, have a look at Gabars before pics and see what he looks like now, this guy is not gifted with his body, he has worked dam hard for it. Good on you Gabs, you deserve all the good fortune that comes your way. “

Estate Agent

Catherine Chan

” Well well well, where do I start. Gabar use to work for me in the office a few years back. I know he’s a pleasure to be around as he is full of smiles and excitement. When he told me he was a personal trainer now and showed me some photos of transformations in just 4 weeks, I really thought twice at first to be honest, as you don’t lose weight that fast but my wife told me to give it a try and so I did. In just 4 weeks, 12 training sessions, Gabar worked me hard and pushed me a lot I must say and he progressed the training in every session, either increasing the time, decreasing the rest period or adding harder exercises and I hated it but I’m so glad he did. My end result was 2 inches off my waist and my slim shirts started to fit me again, not to mention the boost in my confidence and acceleration of my fitness levels. I would recommend him to everyone. My wife has just started with him and my brother and sister will be in there too very soon. Well done Gabar, you have done very well for so many people and have changed their lives. “


Amit Sangar

” I have known Gabar for many years now as we have done business in the past. I have wanted to train with Gabar for a while now but had to delay it at first for a few months because of business but what honestly pushed me to train with him was the fact that he is a very positive person and has a great affect on everyone he trains. Gabar trains 4 of our mutual friends on facebook and since training them, I kept seeing their positive facebook statuses about healthy eating, training and being generally healthy. Since training with Gabar, I noticed how very unfit I was but in a short period of time Gabar soon changed that. Not only have I lost a great deal of weight in a short period of time, I have also got much stronger and feel a lot fitter too. I could go on with the benefits of training with Gabar but i’l end it by saying, Gabar said something to me which will stay with me for as long as I live, as this was exactly me but not anymore. He said to me “There’s no point building an empire and having an unhealthy body”

Director (Estate Agent)

Asif Yasin

” Training with Gabar is not easy, especially for the first half of the session but its definitely worth it. I wish i got in touch with Gabar months ago. Anyway i’m here now and I don’t think i will have a problem getting to my target goal of a complete flat stomach in just 12 weeks. Thanks again Gabar  your a star.

Sana Ashraf


” I have been training for the last 2 years on and off but have always struggled with my weight. I can’t believe in just 4 weeks, training 3 sessions a week with Gabar and following his healthy eating plan, i have managed to lose almost 2 dress sizes. I went from being a dress size 18 to a tight 14, almost 2 dress sizes. Looking forward to being where i want to be in due course. I can’t thank you enough x “

Miss X


” I am amazed in the results i have got in just 4 weeks of training with Gabar. I have been training all my life 2 times a week normally but never really get any results. Gabars training not only took me out of my comfort zone but it properly shocked my system. Seeing what i have achieved in just 4 weeks, has motivated me to train with Gabar long term. He can be very hard at times but at the same time knows how to have a giggle. Thanks mate “

Mr X


” For a while now i have followed Gabars public posts on facebook as he is very inspiring. After seeing so many of his clients before and after pics, it gave me the urge to call him. I have been training all my life, sometimes with a few months break but have always come back on. I can honestly say i thought i trained hard by myself. Gabar pushes me to my limits, he makes me train my best and he is great and getting the best out of you. With his support not only with the training but also with my food preparing, i soon saw great results and amazingly, i now fit into my old wedding suit that was almost 20 years ago. Gabar your a great role model and motivator. Thank you for your ongoing help and support. “

Mr X

” I have struggled with my weight all my life and have always been on the larger side of life and have tried many gadgets to lose weight, strict diets to lose weight then put it all back on and more and have even tried starving myself. I finally plucked up the strength to get a Personal trainer as i started to encounter health problems. I have heard about Gabar Singh from many different people. After just 2 weeks training with Gabar my friends and family all told me i am losing weight but i saw very little change myself. On the third week i could finally see a difference in my body shape and even a slight weight loss on my face. After 4 weeks i felt so much fitter than i even was and felt so much better within myself. I didn’t think it was as much as it was until i tried on some of my old clothes and was amazed. All my friends and family told me i have lost a lot of weight on my face and my body but it wasn’t until Gabar showed me my before pics, i was absolutely shocked. I can’t remember the last time i have lost weight like this and i mean by doing it the right way. Gabar you are my star. I will never forget what you tell me “If your still looking for that one person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror” Your a true inspiration Gabar and you deserve all the good things that come your way. Thank you so much Gabar. “


Preeti Kaur

” I read about Gabar in the Ilford recorder Paper, as he was doing some charity bike ride. I looked him up and found some great before and after pics with testimonies and here i am writing my own. I have only been training with Gabar for 4 weeks now, 3 times per week and its fair to say he pushes me really hard. I have lost 3 inches off my waist and my man boobs have reduced too. I never thought weight loss like this was possible in such a short period of time but with the diet plan as well as the exercises Gabar offers, he gets you dropping kilos fast. Thanks Gabar “

Business Banking Manager

Kashiff Patel